18-08-2021 Funding

Congratulations to Prof. Torres, Dr. Man Teng and Dr. Guo Guanlong on their successful grant applications funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, in both the General Program and Young Scientist Program.

02-08-2021 Publication in CMAME

Dr. Zhang Pei recent article on the coupling between Material Point and Lattice Boltzmann Methods has been published in COMPUTER METHODS IN APPLIED MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING the top journal in the field of computational mechanics. The study presented a hybrid 3D model that combines the advantages of LBM in solving complex flow problems and the capability of MPM in handling large structural

26-08-2020 Scholarship

Congratulation to Mr. Tingchang Yin for being awarded the Third-class Freshmen Scholarship of the School of Engineering PhD cohort 2020.

21-07-2020 Funding

Prof. Torres and Dr. Zhang Pei have successfully applied for a Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology project. They will collaborate with the POWERCHINA-HUADONG ENGINEERING CORPORATE LIMITED. The project deals with multi-physics modeling of wind turbines in coastal areas.