31-3-2024 Excellent Poster of "The 2024 Westlake SEE Annual Meeting"

On March 31st, Ms. HangTong Li and Zaohui Zhang received the "Excellent Poster Award" of "The 2024 Westlake SEE Annual Meeting". Academician Jiming Hao (First in the left in Picture 1) from Tsinghua University and Professor Xiaohu Dai (First in the right in Picture 1) from Tongji University presented the award certificates to the winning students and took a group photo.

28-2-2024 Publication in Journal of Chemical Physics

Ms. Hangtong Li's recent paper on Pressure-dependent Flow Enhancement in Carbon Nanotubes has been published in the Journal of Chemical Physics, a top journal in the field of chemical physics. The study introduces the unique correlation between the applied force field and nanoflow enhancement while addressing the existing inconsistencies in flow enhancement. In this paper, through molecular analysis and statistical examination of molecular structures, we observe that alterations in the applied force field induce phase transitions in nanoconfined fluids, consequently leading to varied responses in fluid transport to external driving pressures. This paper consolidates numerous existing studies to investigate the correlation between the external driving force fields and the fluid structure and flow dynamics of nanoconfined fluids. This perspective offers a significant insight into elucidating the variability observed in flow enhancement. link.

1-2-2024 Publication in PRF

Mr. Zhuan Ge's recent paper on Unifying length-scale-based rheology of dense suspensions has been published in the Physical Review Fluids (PRF) as a letter, a well-known journal in the field of fluid mechanics. The study introduces a novel dimensionless number derived from the length-scale ratio, offering a unified perspective on the rheology of dense suspensions across a spectrum—from conditions where fluid effects dominate to regimes influenced by inertial forces. This approach is grounded in fundamental physical insights, establishing clear relationships between rheological parameters and the proposed dimensionless number. link. This work has been featured and shared in X. link

1-2-2024 Publication in CMAME

Mr. Ren Songkai's recent article on A coupled metaball discrete element material point method for fluid-particle interactions with free surface flows and irregular shape particles has been published in COMPUTER METHODS IN APPLIED MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING the top journal in the field of computational mechanics. The study presented a hybrid approach that combines the Material Point Method (MPM) and the Metaball Discrete Element Method (MDEM). Coupled with the advantages of the MPM and the MDEM, this method is good in handling free surface flows and modeling the mechanical behaviors of irregular shape particles, which is significant to solving problems of fluid-particle interactions in both natural and industrial fields. link.

10-11-2023 Congratulations to Professor Sergio Andres Galindo Torres Receives the “West Lake Friendship Award”

On November 10th, Professor Sergio Torres attended the commendation ceremony for the "West Lake Friendship Award" as one of the recipients. The "West Lake Friendship Award" is an honor established by the Zhejiang Provincial Government to recognize the outstanding contributions of foreign experts. Professor Sergio Torres received this recognition for his exceptional work in scientific research, education, and promotion of research exchanges between China and other countries.

During the ceremony, Professor Sergio Torres delivered an gracious acceptance speech, expressing gratitude to the Zhejiang Provincial and Hangzhou Municipal Governments for bestowing upon him this honor, as a recognition of his work in China. He also extended his thanks to colleagues at Westlake University and friends around him for their substantial support and assistance. In China, at Westlake University, he felt the community's dedicated support for scientific research and infrastructure development. He experienced the respect and friendliness of the people and expressed joy in collaborating with numerous outstanding individuals.

Over the past four years, he and his family gained many friends. Now, Hangzhou and Westlake University have become cherished homes for them. In his perspective, happiness is having a meaningful job or life goal, being close to loved ones, and feeling welcomed in the society one resides. The time spent in China becomes one of the happiest and most fulfilling stages of his life. His children were born here and will experience their formative years in this environment. In the future, they may become bridges between nations, perpetuating this enduring friendship.

21-8-2023 Congratulations to Dr. Songkai Ren on successfully passing his graduation defense

Dr. Songkai Ren has accomplished a significant milestone by defending his graduation thesis and completing his PhD program, titled "Development and Application of DEM-MPM Coupling Algorithms for Particle-Liquid-Structure Interactions."

The defense committee was expertly chaired by Professor Weicheng Cui from the Westlake University, and its distinguished members included Professor Jidong Zhao from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Professor Alexander Scheuermann from the University of Queensland, Professor Fulong Ning from the China University of Geoscience, Professor Ning Guo from the Zhejiang University, and Professor Liang Lei from the Westlake University. Furthermore, we were honored to have the presence of Professor Sergio Andres Galindo Torres and Dr. Pei Zhang, who served as the supervisor and co-supervisor for Dr. Songkai Ren throughout his academic journey. Dr. Songkai Ren's primary emphasis is on developing innovative numerical techniques, such as MPM and DEM, as well as modeling multi-phase and multi-scale interaction phenomena. He has published his research findings in "Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering" link and "Computers and Geotechnics." link

This remarkable achievement reflects Dr. Songkai Ren's dedication and hard work in his field of study, and we wish him continued success in his future endeavors. Congratulations once again!

Online courses highlighted by CSTAM 2022 Annual Report

Online course series organized by our group were recently highlighted in the 2022 annual report of the Professional Committee of Computational Mechanics, Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CSTAM). Our group organized a series of online courses related to granular flow mechanics, fluid mechanics and geo-mechanics from Sep. 2022 to Nov. 2022 with a mobility grant funded by Ministry of Science and Technology of China. This project focused on building solid collaborations with foreign scholars to work on research of micro- and meso- mechanics of granular flow in coastal areas. Six professors, among which four of them are working in countries within Belt and Road Initiatives, were invited to collaborate and to give lectures. Within this project, the following two online courses were recorded and then published on (1) “Environmental Fluid Mechanics” by Prof. Herbert Huppert from University of Cambridge link and (2) “Granular Media and Geophysical Flows” Prof. Kimberly Hill from University of Minnesota

12-5-2023 Publication in JFM

Dr. Teng Man’s recent paper on the axisymmetric column collapse of bi-frictional granular mixtures has been published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics (JFM), a top journal in the field of fluid mechanics. This study uses both experiments and discrete element simulations to verify the influence of inter-particle friction on the macroscopic behavior of granular systems and help generalize a mixture theory to quantify this effect. Due to the utilization of a simple mixture theory of contact occurrence probability, this study can be associated with the friction-dependent rheology of granular systems and friction-induced granular segregations, and further generalized to applications with multiple species of particles in various natural and engineering

17-04-2023 Editor's Pick by the Acta Mechanica Sinica

Congratulations to Dr. Teng Man on his paper on Friction-dependent rheology of dry granular systems being granted as a Editor's Pick by Acta Mechanica Sinica. The study proposes a dimensionless number to describe the effect of inter-particle frictions on the rheological properties of granular materials, and further broadens the application of the traditional granular rheology to help establish a more general constitutive model for complex granular Wechat:link.

01-04-2023 Publication in IJSS

Mr. Zhuan Ge's recent paper on mean stress tensor of discrete particle systems in submerged conditions has been published in the International Journal of Solids and Structures (IJSS), a well-known journal in the field of solid mechanics. This study uses Hamilton’s principle of least action to derive the averaged stress tensor of discrete granular assemblies subjected to hydraulic force fields, as well as rigorous conditions for a proper definition of the Representative Volume Element (RVE), and provides a new perspective based on the granular assembly scale to pursue the fluid–solid

17-03-2023 Funding

Congratulations to Prof. Torres on his successful grant application (as a co-PI) funded by the Hangzhou goverment and Xihumingzhu program (西湖明珠工程-领军型创新创业团队). The project, with a support of 5 million RMB, focuses on the measurement and application of microviscosity.

14-03-2023 Publication in GRL

Mr. Tingchang Yin recent article on the finite-size scaling for the permeability of discrete fracture networks has been published in GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, the top journal in the field of geophysics. With the finite-size scaling function in percolation theory, this study provides a solid theoretical foundation to understand the connection between fracture attributes and field-scale hydraulic properties. link

13-09-2022 Funding

Congratulations to Dr. Teng Man on his successful grant application funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, in the Young Scientist Program.

15-05-2022 Publication in CMAME

Mr. Ren Songkai recent article on the coupling between Discrete Element and Material Point Methods has been published in COMPUTER METHODS IN APPLIED MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING the top journal in the field of computational mechanics. The study presented a hybrid model that combines the advantages of the two-phase (solid and liquid) Material Point Method on handling continuum materials with large deformations and the capability of the Discrete Element Method on simulating the mechanical behaviours of rigid

04-05-2022 Publication in PHYSICA A

Mr. Yin Tingchang recent article on the scaling solution for the connectivity of discrete fracture networks has been published in PHYSICA A: STATISTICAL MECHANICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS. The study presented a universal finite-size scaling solution to describe the connectivity of various discrete fracture networks, based on a series of dimensionless parameters, fixed critical quantities, and a moment-based characteristic length scale. The study shows great potential in applying the scaling solution to real fracture systems in the

14-01-2022 Award

Congratulation to Mr. Yifeng Zhao for being awarded the 10 Excellent Presenters at the Student Seminar Series.

03-12-2021 Publication in GRL

Dr. Teng Man recent article on the finite-size scaling analysis of the collapse of dry granular columns has been published in GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, the top journal in the field of geophysics. The study presents a finite-size analysis, which is inspired by a phase transition around an inflection point, to obtain a general scaling equation with critical exponents for runout

27-10-2021 Award

Congratulation to Mr. Zhuan Ge and Dr. Teng Man for winning the Best Poster Award in the 2021 Westlake International Symposium in Engineering (WISE 2021). The poster is presented below.

19-10-2021 Student Title

Congratulation to Mr. Yifeng Zhao for being awarded the Excellent Graduate Student Title of the Zhejiang University.

18-08-2021 Funding

Congratulations to Prof. Torres, Dr. Man Teng and Dr. Guo Guanlong on their successful grant applications funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, in both the General Program and Young Scientist Program.

02-08-2021 Publication in CMAME

Dr. Zhang Pei recent article on the coupling between Material Point and Lattice Boltzmann Methods has been published in COMPUTER METHODS IN APPLIED MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING the top journal in the field of computational mechanics. The study presented a hybrid 3D model that combines the advantages of LBM in solving complex flow problems and the capability of MPM in handling large structural

26-08-2020 Scholarship

Congratulation to Mr. Tingchang Yin for being awarded the Third-class Freshmen Scholarship of the School of Engineering PhD cohort 2020.

21-07-2020 Funding

Prof. Torres and Dr. Zhang Pei have successfully applied for a Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology project. They will collaborate with the POWERCHINA-HUADONG ENGINEERING CORPORATE LIMITED. The project deals with multi-physics modeling of wind turbines in coastal areas.